Victoria Day 2020

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    Victoria Day is celebrated on the penultimate Monday of the month of May which precedes 25th. It is the birthday of Queen Victoria and it is a Canadian public holiday which is celebrated with lot of fervor in the country. Traditionally the day was observed on the real birthday of Queen Victoria but presently the penultimate Monday is chosen. Canada is the only nation in the world with an official holiday. It is a national holiday in the entire country of Canada except the province of Nova Scotia. It is interesting that despite fact Victoria being a British Monarch, it is mostly celebrated in Canada and Scotland. The choice of the penultimate Monday works best for having a three day weekend in May.

    Falling in the initial period of Summer in Canada, there is lot of seasonal advantage to the festival as this time marks the beginning of the Summer. The celebrations take place in abundance and mostly there are barbecues and camping trips for families and the festivities of carnival is on it's peak at this time.

    Victoria Day being a National Holiday has flag hoisting at the official places including military bases and airports. The major places for fireworks and carnivals are at Ash bridge Bay Beach, Toronto and Ontario. There are Turkish Canadians marches and parades in British Columbia region. The vegetation prominent areas of the country revel during this time as it marks the arrival of spring time and change in farming season.

    Traditionally, wine and beer is an important part of Victoria Day celebrations. Public shows of theatricals and carnivals are also an important part of the lives of the people here. The celebrations are comparatively moderate in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.