Renaissance Carnival


About Organizer

Who are we?

Renaissance Carnival is a premium experience, carnival destination, concierge. Our goal is to educate, inspire and ultimately guide you through the exciting world of carnival while providing outstanding customer service and convenience.

We pride ourselves in giving you a seamless carnival experience by providing you with everything from accommodations, transportation, fete tickets, Jouvert, carnival costumes, and more. For each destination we offer custom carnival packages for you to choose from with flexible payment plans. No more trying to get listed for an event, long costume distribution lines, finding accommodations, or issues getting to and from each event. Ultimately, you can focus on having a good time and leave the hard work to us.

Who do we serve?

Our customers are men and women over the age of 21, looking for an ultimate vacation that is affordable, convenient, and exciting! We specialize in “Girls’ Trips” and Birthday Celebrations.

Caribana 2019: “Define Your Beauty”

Renaissance Carnival will provide you with a bus round trip from Philly, NYC, and D.C. to Toronto, Canada for Caribana 2019. We will take care of your carnival experience by providing you with 4-star hotel accommodations in Downtown Toronto, seven premium events, bus transportation to and from events, carnival costumes, and more! We leave August 1st and return August 5th.