Purchasing Tickets

TicketGateway offers a secure website where you may get event information and purchase tickets.
Besides online shopping, you may purchase tickets and get event information at the TicketGateway Call Center, at 416-907-8006 or 1-877-616-0101.
Some events may have tickets at outlets. You may select the Outlets button at the top of the page to search for availability in your area. We recommend calling first to check for availability and hours. Outlets may not carry every type of ticket, so please check carefully before traveling.
Also TicketGateway also have Authorized TicketGateway location which will carry all ticket listed on our site.

We staff our Charge by Phone center with friendly, trained customer service representatives who are there to not only sell you the best tickets, but answer your questions. Other agencies may be open 24 hours a day, but operate only with an automated system. If you call during business hours and all representatives are busy, you will be placed in a call queue and your call will be answered in the order it was received, usually within 1-53 minutes.

Also TicketGateway offers Authorized TicketGateway locations which will carry all ticket listed on our site.

Yes. Our offices are open to the public. Please check our contact link or call 416-907-8006 or 1-877-616-0101 for locations that are open to the public.

Buying Online

You can have the tickets mailed to you, WillCall or Print@Home.

Tickets are mailed First Class, USPS, in plain white envelopes to the address you enter when purchasing. The mail is metered for best deliverability. Canada Post Post Office does not take responsibility for lost or damaged first class mail. They state about First Class Mail delivery :

  • Estimated delivery time is one to three days.
  • Estimated delivery time begins on the date postmarked.
  • Not a guaranteed service (no refunds). Delivery by a specific date at a specific time is not available.
  • Mailing standards are based on distance
  • Most tickets are delivered by the Post Office with no problems. You can assist the delivery by carefully entering and reviewing the address information when you purchase tickets. Additional shipping options may be available for some events, including priority mail or UPS shipping, both of which may be tracked and are guaranteed

Will Call is an alternative to mailing tickets. It simply means that you will pick up your tickets an hour or so before the event at the location (venue) where the event will be held. Most Box Offices have one or more Will Call windows and will have your tickets waiting. You will need to show your government issued ID to prevent your tickets from being mistakenly picked up by someone else.

The venue is the theater, stadium, amphitheater, or any building where an event is held. Most Will Call windows are clearly marked near the front entrance.

Print@Home allows you to purchase a ticket online and then print out a bar-coded ticket for admission right from your home computer. An email is sent to the address you enter when purchasing and a link is included that brings you to the ticket. It is also stored at My Account on the TicketGateway web site. Your Print@Home ticket will be scanned for a single entrance at the event, and prevents duplicate attempts to enter on the same ticket. Print@Home is not available on all events because it requires the venue or promoter to secure the scanning equipment, a cost which some may not be able to justify. It is, however, becoming more common and you should see an increase in its use in the months ahead.

No. You can opt to subscribe using the form on our home page. However, as soon as you complete your first purchase on Ticketgateway, your email will be added to the mailing list automatically. Ticketgateway is required to retain a known form of contact in the event of show cancellations or postponements or if any need arises that we need to get in contact.


As long as the site is secured by a reputable company that verifies that the information traveling over the Internet is protected, it is probably safer to buy online than over the phone. Look for the GeoTrust symbol whenever you shop online, and double check that the site starts with https once you are at a page where you are entering payment information. The "s" indicates a secure site, where information is broken up into tiny packets protected by a secure code (encrypted). This code is not put back together again until it reaches the destination securely.

Yes. TicketGateway is secured by GeoTrust. You'll see the symbol on the ticketing start page (www.ticketGateway.com) and on the payment pages. You may click on this symbol to verify the status of our certificate with VeriSign at any time. VeriSign is the leader in Internet security and scrutiny is very tight.

Also TicketGateway offers Authorized TicketGateway locations which will carry all ticket listed on our site.

We collect only what we need to process your order and contact you in the event of any event changes or cancellations. Your name, address, email address, and a daytime phone are required for these purposes. We protect your personal information carefully and never sell your information to any other companies. The promoter of the event you purchase tickets for is given your information in order to contact you about other events they do – however, no payment information is ever provided to the promoter.

Yes. Because the site is secure and the data is stored securely, your information is protected. The last 4 digits of your credit card are all that appear on screen for our Call Center representatives if you have elected to keep your credit card information.

First, select the option to have your password hint sent to your email address. If you still can't remember, email Customer Service and we will reset your password and send to you.

Admission & Seating

General Admission seating does not guarantee you an exact seat, but rather just admission to your event. You will need to select your seating upon arrival, meaning that it is best to arrive early for best seat selection. There are sometimes several General Admission sections to choose from such as Gold Circle, Main, or Balcony. Seating within each section is still selected upon arrival.

Once you select your event, you have the opportunity on Reserved Seating events to select your exact seat. (Note: Should you wish, you may select BestSeat, which will select the best available seats for you.) To select your exact seat takes only a few simple steps. Once you have selected your event and clicked on Purchase:

  • Look for the Display under the Seating Chart heading.
  • Hold your mouse over the section you would like to sit in. The number of seats available in that section will appear. If there are sufficient tickets available, click the mouse on the Continue to Select Your Seats button below the chart.
  • A new page will appear with a graph showing each seat in your section. (There may also be a photo showing the view from your section). Simply select the seat(s) you prefer with a click of the mouse, placing the seats on hold, indicated with a check mark.
  • When you are done selecting your seats, click on Reserve Selected Seats at the bottom of the seating graph.
  • A new page will show your ticket selection, with complete and detailed pricing for your review. Check all dates, event details, and seating selections carefully and then click on either Checkout or Continue Shopping, should you wish to purchase more tickets.

Some venues holding events are not equipped for reserved seating, which requires numbering seats and careful planning. Outdoor festival or amphitheater seating also does not normally allow for reserved seating.

These are terms for a designated priority seating area in a General Admission event. These sections are closer to the stage and are limited in quantity.

Service Charges for Online Purchasing

TicketGateway accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discovery Card

Service fees are based on the full price ticket for any given performance or event.

Ticket Costing

Per Ticket Service Fee

$0.00 - $9.99


$10.00 - $19.99


$20.00 - $29.99


$30.00 - $39.99


$40.00 - $49.99


$50.00 - $59.99


$60.00 - $69.99

10% flat fee

The base price of the ticket covers only the cost of admittance to the event. It does not cover the Order Processing or Convenience Fee which includes:

  • Printing of tickets
  • Ticket distribution (online, charge by phone, outlets)
  • Processing your ticket order
  • Tracking and inventory control, assuring your ticket will be valid and not oversold
  • Box Office services
  • Will Call delivery
  • Postage, envelopes, and other delivery costs
  • Call Center personnel and customer service on your order
  • A secure web site, credit card processing, merchant fees
  • Ticket fees bring your ticket to you and cover these costs.

Convenience fee is normally added to any ticket not purchased at the Box Office or venue. It is considered a Convenience fee because it allows you to purchase a ticket without driving or waiting in line, and in many cases, your tickets are delivered to your home. Convenience fees are most often set by the ticketing agency and the promoter or venue.

Order processing fees are set by the ticketing agency and cover the basic costs of making tickets available online and charge by phone. At TicketGateway, our order processing fee ranges from is $2.50 - $7.00 per ticket depending on the cost of the ticket and is the lowest anywhere. Our competitors have order fees $8.50 and up.

Ours are simply among the lowest in the ticketing business. We work hard to keep them that way and low fees are often a drawing factor for promoters wishing to use our services. Our fees are between 10% - 15%, where our competitors are often at 20% or even up to 35%! Let your favorite venue or promoter know that low fees matter to you.

Usually, yes. But when it is after hours we may at a small service charge of $5.00 processing fee.

Event promoters rely on pre-sales to determine pay for the concert or event long before it takes place. There are many costs associated with live events that many of us are not aware of, including equipment, large teams of people, rehearsals, recordings, travel expenses, etc. Were tickets refundable, it would make it impossible to guarantee payment for these real costs, and the events would not make it to your city. Most tickets can be resold or given away if you are unable to use them.