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Ticketgateway is a free event registration and free ticket selling platform that acts as a smart and sophisticated intermediary between ticket buyer and poster. This product is especially facilitated for clients who want to be a part of the event management industry in a unique yet financially productive way. The clients can effectively launch the portal and can invite the event organizers to post their upcoming events on the platform and sell tickets through it.


Use our free online event registration service. Enter your details, set up ticketing slabs and go live!


Local, Social, Mobile reach users everywhere using our promotional offerings.


You can sell your tickets anywhere, including on your site and social media

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All in One Event Registration & Management Platform

Perfect for Caribana, Boat Cruises, Live Concerts, Music, Sports, Weekly Events and more.

Easy Event Creation

We are an online free event setup website. Create events quickly and start to sell event tickets online with ease. You can sell your event tickets faster with us.

Smart Promotions

Our Marketing Suite helps to promote your event using Widgets, SEO, Discounts, etc and sell fundraising event tickets faster


Scan tickets on event day to provide your customers a smooth admission experience with Ticketgateway. Track real-time analytics and reporting of your ticket sales with the TGLIVESCAN app

sell tickets anywhere

A mobile friendly event website for selling tickets on Ticketgateway, your website or blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

easy payouts

Credit cards are processed securely and payments are sent to your payment processing account immediately.

real time reports

We are more than just a free event ticket-selling platform. Our other services include getting a real-time sales report, where you can easily download & print attendee details in CSV or PDF. See insights on real-time traffic, ticket sales, and revenues for each event.

Everything you need to sell tickets online

Easy to use platform for hosting successful events

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