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Optional customer protection

TicketGateway has integrated Refund Protect, the broadest optional refund protection program.

By integrating refund protection, TicketGateway can offer ticket purchasers an enhanced set of their terms of sale, enabling customers to request a 100% refund should they not be able to attend their event due to unforeseen circumstances.

If in the case of a refund scenario, the ticket purchaser completes a simple and short online refund application form and their request will be validated and processed within 48 hours. When approved the full refund will be transferred directly to the ticket purchaser.

This allows you to avoid loss of income and provide your customer with one of the most generous terms of sale available from a ticketing platform.

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What is covered?

Some examples for cancellation include, but are not limited to:

Illness / Injury

Pre-existing Medical Condition

Pregnancy Complication


Public Transport Failure

Scheduled Airline Failure

Mechanical Breakdown

Jury Service

Court Summons

Home Emergency

Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall

Relocated for Work

Theft of Ticket(s)

Government Travel Ban


Changes to Examination Dates

Any Emergency Circumstances

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Get started in minutes

Customer Experience

We place our Customer at the heart of Refund Protect; they have designed the proposition to be the most complete ‘optional’ refund protection available on the market today. This means we enable our customers to apply for a refund in more circumstances than other providers.

Our in-house refund team will also consider on a discretionary basis Emergency Circumstances that are unforeseen and outside the control of our customer. Any refund that is not accepted will be approved by a Manager who will ensure due care and consideration has been shown to the customers situation.

They commit to handle all refund requests within 48 hours of receipt of the refund application from our customer.

In our opinion, the only thing that matters is how our customers feel about their experience as a user. We want you to feel confident when you make your purchase on Ticketgateway.

How can I claim a refund ?

If you've purchased Cancellation Protection and need to make a claim for a refund, you'll need your unique reference number, which can be copy from Order Details Page beside 'Claim Refund' section, along with a link to the customer claim website.

If you can't find your Cancellation Protection reference number, contact us and we'll be able to provide you with it.

Apply For A Refund

When a customer cannot attend a Booked Event they simply fill in a refund application form which is available on their booking confirmation, your website and at www.refundprotect.me/refund

Refund Payment

Refund Protect handles everything on behalf of our members, providing their customers with a direct refund within 48 hours. We then inform the member of succesful refunds so the booking can be cancelled and even reallocated

Fast, Fair & Transparent

Refund Protect ensures a fast, fair and transparent refund process for all customers.