Canadian Hindu Divine Light Organization


About Organizer

The Canadian Hindu Divine Light Organization was established in 1989. It was very humble beginnings, where SatSangh was conducted at the homes of various devotees. Eventually a place of worship was leased and in 1999 our current 'Hall of Peace' was purchased. 

The motto of our organization is 'Satyam Eva Jayate;' this means, 'Truth Alone Shall Triumph.' We aim to spiritually enrich the lives of all devotees who attend our Mandir and services. The key qualities that we strive for is Humility, Love and Devotion. We encourage all devotees to enhance themselves through the concept of 'continuous improvement through self-dedication.' Atma Vichaar or self-analysis is constantly fostered as an everyday activity.

Our Spiritual Leader is Pundit Dharamraj S. Maharaj and he is assisted by Pundit Vijai Maharaj. There are many devotees who contribute to the success of our Mandir. We welcome with open arms any devotee who is interested in evolving spiritually.