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About Organizer

Behind every great Mas, there is a great man.  This is his story…Dexter Seusahai, entered the world of Mas not as the critically acclaimed Mas producer he is today, but as the resident cook for the pioneering Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club.  While his culinary skills remain intact to this day, Dexter has emerged as one of the most talented Mas Designers and Producers of modern times.  With mentors and supporters like Marcus Eustace, the late Tedder Eustace, and Louis Saldenah to nurture his craft, Dexter Seusahai has become the Band Leader of one of the most successful Mas Bands of our time; Tribal Knights™.Dexter left Claxton Bay, Trinidad in 1988 and relocated to Toronto, Canada to build a new life.  It was through the world of Mas production that he would find his life’s passion, and set himself on a course that has had unparalleled impact on Carnival experiences locally, and around the World.  Dexter’s natural ability to learn through observation, and conceptualize without a blueprint, have been his advantage in designing and building Mas costumes that have won the highest of accolades and have been displayed in as far off places as Hong Kong for their New Year’s celebrations. In 1996 he succumbed to a growing creative desire and designed his first costume, ironically enough, in the kitchen of Louis Saldenah’s Mas Camp. The costume was called “Fire in the River” stood 16’ tall 14’ wide and featured the colours silver red orange and black.  Dexter’s masterpiece placed an impressive 2nd place in his very first year of production.  When the time came in 2007 to break out on his own, Dexter successfully put together his own Band, built all of the costumes for a theme called “Deep Rising”, and as the newly formed Tribal Knights, won Band of the Year in the small band category.At the heart of his driving ambition, is his love of building Mas.  Dexter aims to elevate the standards of Mas creation, regarding it as a technical art form that will be lost on younger generations unless a solid foundation is set.  So much more than participating in Carnival festivals, Dexter is an educator.  He is a true ambassador of the culture, and intends topreserve the skill of Mas production by facilitating learning at the Band’s headquarters, The Tribal Knights Creative Arts Centre.  As of 2011, this relatively “new band on the block” is actively participating in Cayman “Batabano” Carnival, Toronto’s Scotiabank Caribana Festival, and the Miami-Broward “One” Carnival.  With six 1st place titles for King, Queen, Male Individual and Junior Queen before branching out on his own, the writing was on the wall that Dexter was destined for success.  In recent years, Tribal Knights™ scored back-to-back wins in the “Adult King” category in 2009 and 2010 and has had respectable Top 3 finishes in a number of other categories.

Dexter is also deeply rooted in family values.  Known for his admirable consideration of the youths, Tribal Knights™ hosts several events throughout the year that bring families together, and puts as much effort behind its Junior Carnival presentations as everything else.  Dexter’s wife Gail is actively involved as the Operations Manager of Mas Production, and his two daughters are also key contributors to the Band.  These family ties extend to his working relationships, and have been instrumental in creating an environment where people feel good about working and playing hard.

You can expect great things to come from Dexter Seusahai in years to come.  Tribal Knights stands for so much more than costumes and competitions…it is “The Spirit of Carnival”.

Built and played Male Individual for Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club Band
Band “Mas On Stage”
Costume “Fire in De River”
Placed 2nd1997
Boycott year1998
Built and played Male Individual for Louis Saldenah Mas K Club
Band “Ontario, Yours to Discover”
Costume “Symphony of Fire”
Placed 1st1999
Built and played Male Individual for Louis Saldenah Mas K club;
Band “Millennium 2000”
Costume “Violator”
Placed 1st2000
Built and played King of the Band for Louis Saldenah Mas K Club;
Built “Vegas” section with 100 people
Band “Theatre of The Street”
Costume “Phantom”
Placed 1st


Built and played king of the Band for Louis Saldenah Mas K Club
Built “Wild Orchid” section with 100 people;
Built male individual “Jewel Of The River” which placed first
Band “River of Life”
Costume “Spirit of the River”
Placed 1st

Built and played King of the Band for Callaloo Mas Camp
Band “To Spain With Love”
Costume “Islero”
Placed 2nd

Built and played King and Queen
Built “Jelly Fish” section for the Calalloo Mas Camp
Band “Abyss”
Costumes King “Abyzoo”; Queen “Jewellz Of The Sea”
King placed 2nd, Queen placed 9th ,

Built and played King and built Queen and
Built “Phyton” section for the Callaloo Mas Camp
Band “Warriors”
Costumes: King “Skeletor” Queen “Eagle of The Night”
Queen placed 1st, King placed 2nd

Built and played King, built Queen, Junior Queen, and 2 sections
Band “Of Persian Glory”
Costumes – King “Scorpion King” Queen “Goddess of the Sun”
Junior Queen “Shera”
Built Sections: “Persian Pearl” and “Dessert Rose”
Placings – Queen 1st, King 1st, Junior Queen 1st

Built and played King, built Queen, 2 sections
Band “Exotic Species”