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Venom Carnival -- Jamette

Venom Carnival -- Jamette

Venom Carnival -- Jamette

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"Jamette" comes from the French word "diametre" which referred to the class of people below the diameter of respectability in 19th century Trinidad. Jamette women were poor, non white, of the urban working class and were considered promiscuous, wanton, idle and often prostitutes. Women in the old Jamette carnival bands in Trinidad embraced this label and openly challenged the ultra conservative Victorian upper class standards by wearing revealing clothes, dancing lewdly in the streets and openly soliciting upper class men. 

In 2017, we feel that Jamette women still challenge ideas of respectable femininity. When the iron roars, she is sexy, loose, empowered and confident but most importantly, she is free.

Female Backline includes: Bikini panty, decorated bra, decorated belt, tiara, armbands, garter and choker.

Male includes: Venom shorts, headband, chest piece, belt and armbands.

Frontline, Ultra Frontline and any optional add-ons not listed are no longer available/sold out.  


All sales final.  No refunds, exchanges or modifications.

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