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Venom Carnival -- La Diablesse

Venom Carnival -- La Diablesse

Venom Carnival -- La Diablesse

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La DiablesseLa Diablesse (Lajables), the Devil Woman, roames at night. She has eyes like burning coals and a face resembling that of a corpse, but hides it under a beautiful wide-brimmed hat and a veil over her face. She is dressed exquisitely in a blouse with puffy sleeves and long, petticoated, skirts


La Diablesse - Backline

Ladies - Bikini Top, Bikini Bottom, Belt, Bracelet, Gold foot pieces, basic neck piece and basic tiara. (No Feathers) - $250

Male - Shorts, Head piece, Arm bands, Neck piece and belt (No Feathers) - $200



Sexy bikini with chain links, Headband with low fan style headpiece, beaded necklace and bracelts - $450


Monokini, Ultra headpiece, Ultra Backpack, Feathered legs, Beaded necklace and Bracelets - $950

La Diablesse Add Ons:                

Wire  "Venom" bra   $150           
Sexy bikini with chain links  $100            
Decorated sexy whole suit aka monokini  $150          
Ultra frontline Headpiece   $300            
Feathered Headpiece ( Tiara feather each side)    $75            
Feathered Headpiece ( Headband with low fan style)    $100            
Feathered foot pieces    $100           
Feathered Collar (mini backpack)   $75           
Ultra-frontline backpack    $450                                                                                                              

Beaded necklace $30


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