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Venom Carnival- Soucouyant

Venom Carnival- Soucouyant

Venom Carnival- Soucouyant

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Backline Female - Jewelled Venom  Bra, Jewelled Panty, Armbands, Legbands,and Tiara 

Frontline Female  - Jewelled Venom Bra, Decorated  Belt,  Feathered Arm Piece , Large Feathered Wings, Large Feathered Legbands, Bejewelled Tiara

Ultra Female- Jewelled Panty,Bejewlled Wire Bra,Necklace,  Small Feathered Back Belt, Large Feathered Headpiece, Feathered Anklebands

Backline Male- Chest Chains,Small Belt,Venom Pants, , Small feathered Legbands, Small Headpiece

Frontline Male - Large Chest Chains, Decoarated Belt, Venom Pants, Large Feathered Legbands, Large Feathered Headpiece 


The soucouyant is a shape-shifting Caribbean folklore character who appears as a reclusive old woman by day. By night, she strips off her wrinkled skin and puts it in a mortar. In her true form, as a fireball she flies across the dark sky in search of a victim.

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