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Venus Fly Trap - Saldenah

Venus Fly Trap - Saldenah

Venus Fly Trap - Saldenah

This event has ended

Female Frontline - Comes with upgraded tiara, Sexy plunge monokini with embellished leg pieces, gold choker, necklace, jewelled shoulder pieces, large cuffs & stunning feathered backpack

Female Backline  - Comes with tiara, gold choker, necklace, bra belt, embellished leg pieces & large cuffs

Sexy Jewelled Panty Option - (Replaces regular bottom & belt) - Add $50

Sexy Fringed One Piece Option - (Replaces 2 piece bra & bottom)  Available for Backline & Frontline costumes - Add $150

Feathered plume headpiece - In place of tiara for Backline or Frontline
costumes - Add $365

Feathered Plume Backpack - Available for Backline costume - Add $350

Male Costume - $220 - Comes with headband, neckpiece, belt, shorts,
arm & leg pieces

Parade Location