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    Originated from the island of Nevis, Will has always had a passion for designing and creating art. He started out his journey by volunteering his time at the Louis Saldenah Mas - K Club before bringing out his first section in 1987. As his name and work began to be recognized he began to win 'best section' numerous times. Will ended his time with Louis Saldenah in 2004. He then joined forces with a brand new band called Carnival Nationz in 2005. With his knowledge in hand, Will helped Carnival Nationz capture a milestone for being a new band and winning the band of the year title and then repeating it again in 2006. With all of his dedication to Carnival Nationz in 2006 Will also helped design the costumes for an up an coming band run by Jamal Maglorie where they placed 5th. Will ended his time in 2006 with Carnival Nationz and decided to join the Toronto Revellers in 2007 where he became the General Manager and Head designer which resulted with the band taking the title of band of the year and repeating it in 2008. With all of the years of experience and working with the best designers and mas builders, he decided to forge ahead and branch off on his own with his wife Annalisa by his side and became a Band Leader in 2009. Will sees nothing but success for the future, which is where he is headed.