MusicTT Is All Set To Fight For Soca’s Official Recognition

Tuesday, Jan 22 05:00 AM

MusicTT, a branch of CreativeTT, has publicly asked performers and publishers not to list their work (calypso or soca releases) as falling under reggae or dancehall on any international streaming platforms. The officials of TT Music Company Ltd posted the information publicly on the Facebook page.

The post also stated that iTunes has a new sub-category of calypso and soca in the category of world music since 2014. The company announced that they will soon be discussing with Apple regarding the need to create a distinctive category for Calypso or Soca.

The release added that the company was also planning to communicate with other “leading” platforms on the issue.  

The post expressed the concern that the company is considering new possibilities with other platforms except iTunes. They may soon begin talks to many leading platforms for securing place for Calypso and Soca.

This is an interesting move that will open up new venues for the music genres. For example, it will give the genres an opportunity to be recognized as a separate category for prestigious awards like Grammy. This comes as an effort to help the music genres attain the deserved recognition in world music. Chairman of MusicTT, John Arnold issued a statement to Newsday wherein he clearly stated that the company now has started making efforts to get the recognized status for the genre.

Arnold further explained that a good amount of musicians in the country were on aggregators (a website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them) similar to iTunes or Spotify.

On other occasions, when artists register the music, they use the genre name as reggae, owing to it’s popularity. Arnold said that they are in the process of reversing this practice.

He was also of the opinion that it is all a number game. He stressed on the fact that the he will take help of government, Caricom and the industry to achieve the recognition that soca or calypso genre is entitled for. Those that have been listed under reggae category will have to be de-listed by the artists. Arnold opined that this is just an inception of the discussion which will be in the interest to the music genre itself.

Soca music has, in the recent times, tasted global success and popularity. Vincentian soca artiste Skinny Fabulous’s song Famalay, created along with Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin, had achieved world wide popularity on iTunes' Top 100 Reggae Chart. Also on January 10, Famalay topped the charts as the number-one selling song from the Caribbean globally.

On social media, Skinny addressed the fact that the placement occurred on a reggae chart and expressed hope that soon the genre will get recognition in world music.

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