Canada Day 2020

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    The official celebration of Canada Day is a major event in the Canadian Calendar. It is the National Holiday and the most important one for the citizens signifying their patriotic fervor. It is observed on 1 July every year commemorating the event of unification of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Canada province of Ontario and Quebec in 1867. The date was previously called Dominion Day officially but as it lacked the nationalistic fervor there were attempts to revive the festival for giving it a bigger nationalistic character. Although there was unofficial addressing the day as Canada Day, it was only in the year 1982, that the country had it's official day.

    Held on July 1, Canada Day also marks the anniversary of the constitution act of the country which took place in 1982. Many people also address this day as the birthday of Canada which is not it's actual significance. The updated Constitution of the country was adopted on the day which gave the celebrations a more nationalistic flavor.

    Beaming with patriotism, Canada Day has official parades in major cities, towns and villages. On the more local turf, there are sports events and fireworks organized at official levels in various organizations. The major cities which record highly fervent events in the country are Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria. There are massive decorations and fireworks in the night for families and youngster to revel with great food and wine.

    It is also the day that binds expatriates to the nation. Most expatriates observe the day with celebration on the nearest holiday. There are traces of celebrations noted in other countries namely China and Afghanistan in regions with Canadian community. Hence the fervor of Canada Day transcends the nation's boundaries and reaches all Canadians world wide.