Family Day 2020

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    As February is just to come, one can expect the most happening event in Canada called the Family Day. This is even is observed in the provinces in Canada including Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. The event is observed on the third Monday of the month of February. However, in British Columbia, we see the Family Day event organized on the second Monday of February. This event celebrates the significance of families and the life in family to the people and their communities.

    The Event

    So the big question, what do the people in the above said places do during the Family Day, well, many of the people are seen planning and taking up the activities that are aimed at the entire family. These include the activities like catching up the movies, visiting the art exhibitions, outdoor skating over the ice rinks, playing board games and doing similar other things like the craft activities. Some communities are even seen planning some special public events, along with the art galleries along with the museums that are available for free or have reduced price or free entry. As in the month of February, the weather conditions are a bit extreme with chilling temperatures, hence the freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate remains popular snacks among the families who celebrate this day. In BC, the day often coincide with the National Heritage Day, hence people out there often are seen exploring several family history and personal heritage.

    How it all started?

    The first Family Day was held in Canada in Alberta in the year 1990, which was intended to showcase the family values and the home. While the Family Day was then introduced in Saskatchewan in the year 2007 and finally in Ontario it was introduced in 2008. Slowly and steadily the other countries too are gearing up to celebrate this day, which include South Africa and Australia to name a few. So, if you are keen to enjoy this day in Canada, block your dates and catch up the events in the selected dates in your province. So, Happy Family Day in advance and enjoy the day with your family.