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    Labour Day in Toronto, Canada and USA is celebrated on every first Monday of September as Long Weekend. Find event best events this year in 2019. The day is officially celebrated in both the countries by the workers and their union movements giving people a long weekend this summer to have good time to plan things on their own. However, one can find a number of seasonal attractions and vendors that are close after having the Labour Day long weekend and thus often get the opportunity to start for falling shoulder season for getting the best of the tourists all across the nations and other places.

    For people in Canada and the US, one can call it to be a straightforward holiday and unlike a number of other holidays when people are seen taking off from work, Labour Day also keeps the number of other domains like retail store, libraries and banks all over the country. Some of the restaurants and convenience stores are seen getting opened up. The Tuesday would therefore be seen the first day of school. For many this day also marks the end of the summer season unlike the way Memorial Day marks the start of the day. A number of people are seen having Labour Day as their last option to get out in order to get the vacation done before the summer is seen going while a number of workers are seen getting the two week annual vacation period with the Labour Day weekend.

    While in US you can find the long summer break with the Labor Day weekend marks the start of the school giving people enough reasons to get things underway. The first Labour Day in the United States was seen taking place in the New York in the year 1882 by the local labor community and since then it was in practice in the country. However, originally this day was celebrated on the streets with the parades showcasing the contribution of laborers in various sectors followed by local festivals and other celebrations. However, soon it turned out to be a day of giving away speeches. Unlike the previous years, you can plan out things the following way with the Labour Day Events 2019 as under:

    • Sit at home catch he various events on this day or even you can think of attending the same. You have sporting events like the NCAA football match taking place, which can be considered for the same.
    • Go for a shopping this Labor Day as the malls and private shops would remain open considering the holiday at the extended weekend. You never know you can find some good offers there on the school sales on items like backpacks, calculators and pencils.
    • Plan a vacation unlike others can even visit interesting destinations like Las Vegas the city of parties explore the Nevadan desert and for people in Canada you can also join the same places or find your own in your own country.
    • And if you are keen to catch the top and best kind of Labor Day party then visiting this place for the West Indian American Day Carnival. You won’t believe that this day along can bring in two million visitors all across the world as they know they have a costumed parade to catch at the Eastern Parkway.
    • In case if you want to make your day the most relaxed one, you can find out a number of Labor Day speeches that are being given by politicians, educationalists, religious preachers and businessmen. These can be easily caught on TV channel or at radio.

    Labor Day is an excellent extended weekend events to have good time. You have a number of options to try, some of these are enlisted above, why not try any one or others to make your day special with your friends and family.