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    Miami Carnival 2022

    The most awaited, power packed, intoxicating colorful carnival of the year, is just round the corner. All the party animals are too excited to be a part of this sensational event to be held in Miami City from October 1st to October 09th, 2022.

    Though the main event is held on Sunday ,5th October,2022, but the festivities and carousal begins from saturday ,01st October and continue till 09th Oct. Events here are held by Caribbean-American community representing the spirit, traditions and unique cultures of the Caribbean region. It also exhibits the talent and art heritage of Caribbean province through music, dance and parades. Events of the Carnival:and Fete

    Once the carnival begins there are infinite events taking place throughout the city. The main attraction of the event is Miami Carnival Panorama — in which various versatile bands compete with each other for the title of Panorama champions while captivating the crowd with their loud and lively Soca (Caribbean) music and passionate dances.

    Another attraction is the show of carnival costumes of kings and queens at central forward Regional Park.

    J'ouvert-(a large street party) is held on Saturday morning in a Caribbean style.

    The last and the final show day culminate with a parade which usually begins in noon at Miami dade county, fairgrounds. Loud music is played by the music trucks in the parade followed by entertainers as masquerades. One can enjoy the music and also participate in the masquerade parade too.

    Best time to visit the place:

    Most people start arriving on Saturday morning (1 oct) to enjoy the Miami carnival weekend to the fullest and leave by Monday morning (9th Oct ). Tourists from all over the world travel to Miami during this part of the year to enjoy the carnival.


    Several hotels are located near the place of carnival. Staying near the event place is more convenient as one can walk to the place. There are hotels in south beach area too, for those who want to enjoy that atmosphere too. They of course can take a rented vehicle or a cab to reach the event place.

    Miami carnival weekend is a fun n frolic event for all the music lovers and for those who want to rock n roll. The most happening place of the world in this round of the year showcasing the talent of Caribbean region offering wide range of authentic food of the Caribbean community. People drown themselves in the Soca music and dance, enjoying themselves and feeling superlative.