Miami Carnival 2018

    Miami Carnival 2018

    If you visit Miami for Carnival 2018 Events and Parties at the Columbus Day Weekend, you get the opportunity to dress up like a masquerade for the Miami Broward One Carnival, which is a bi-county event that attracts more than 50,000 people each passing year. One of the mains events to be organized this year is the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds apart from the other carnivals can be discovered in the city throughout the year. But talking about this, it is among the exciting festivals that celebrates traditions, culture and art heritages of the Caribbean. It is a fun element for all the ages with celebrations that range from pageantry to musical performances by the world class entertainers.

    Carnival Events 2017 :

    Leading to the carnival, the Parade of the Bands is seen taking place this October. It will feature a number of things including the 20 odd masquerade bands that are seen parading via the city over the six mile route. Each brand is seen choosing the theme along with showcasing the characters from a number of conventional Caribbean Folklore. These are seen dressing up in a colorful costume along with the beads while dancing and performing at the music. The parade is then judge by any expert panel along with the winners in a chosen based platform having authenticity, great presentation and creativity.

    Once you see the Carnival starting up, there are number of non-stop events like the Steel bands wherein the bands are seen completing the title of Panorama Champions playing the steel pans and the drums over the crowd. The Music truck is another key anticipated event at the Carnival Weekend. The music trucks are seen making their way out to the man stage while with the blasting music from the DJ and entertainers like the Masquerades following the people over the street. Both the Steel bands and the Music Truck are seen judging with the expert along with the celebrity judges who are seen coming from the close by their vote and crown over the titles.

    The Miami Carnival Concert is seen showcasing the talents from the festival wherein they would be performing from the Haitian and Hispanic communities that are seen sharing the tradition of Caribbean and Carnival music. One of the key highlights of the festival is the food you would be getting from Caribbean Islands including the nations like Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Guyana. The Revelers would also be getting the chance to enjoy both the rum and the traditional beverages from all over the islands.

    You get the opportunity to dig into the tasty jerk curry and stews while some of these are very much favorite dishes over the tropics. The festival would be a blend of crowning of Carnival King along with the Queen Panorama along with the Junior Carnival and yes without forgetting you would also have the Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant. Besides, you can have a number of clubs and venues that would be hosting a number of nightlife events that will not be officially getting affiliated with the Miami Broward One Carnival including the I Love Soca Party at the Tropical Café of Mango.