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    Saint Patrick's Day is one of the most fervently celebrated festivals in the countries of Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, United States, Argentina, Russia and Asia. It is the death anniversary of Saint Patrick who is one among the most revered saints in Catholic Church. It is the Feast Day of the Saint and also marks the commemoration of the establishment of Christianity in Ireland.
    Celebrations by Region :

    As said, Ireland is the main region in celebrations of Saint Patrick's Day. There are parades, the custom of wearing Shamrocks , the three headed leaflet which the Saint used to explain Christianity, drinking the traditionally brewed Irish Bear.In Britain too, the army parade at London attracts huge crowd and the same happens in New York.In Chicago, around 40 tons of green dye is poured in Chicago River to mark the huge celebration of the day.In Toronto, Canada, there are many events held with the highlights being the official Parades, Green Carpet Fest, King Street Club Crawl to name a few.

    Contemporary celebrations :
    Although the festival is religious in nature, there is lot of national and ethnic fervor attached to this occasion. St. Patrick's Day was previously a dry day in many countries but in the recent years, drinking is a huge part of the celebration among people. Such practices have been condemned as it has transformed the nature of the feast from religious to commercial.Green color is associated with celebration of Saint Patrick Day. Some experts believe that originally Saint Patrick used blue color but as it is mainly associated with the country of Ireland, it got the green color attached to it.In Canada, the nature of the celebration is exclusive to the region with many community feasts and parties.