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    Thanksgiving in Toronto, Hamilton and Vaughan in Canada is termed as a tough pilgrim. It can even prove to be tougher provided you are not prepared the best. If you are based in Toronto, then there are loads of different ways of celebrating for not being stuck in the traffic or while sitting over the runway. You can get loads of your friends for dinner for having good time along with having loads of foods and dishes along with getting the best of the desserts provided you are prompt enough to make the reservations on time at one of the best restaurants in the New York City.

    So, when you have the dinner you can certainly think of heading straight to the Thanksgiving Day Parade of Marcy or the dance parties as it is regarded as one of the best recommended place for the best parties on the same place. So, with many of your closed ones visiting the relatives or you are seen in a tryptophan coma, you will soon find the city becoming yours to enjoy the place.

    So, when is the Thanksgiving?

    If you talk about this year, the Thanksgiving is held every Thursday in November and in 2019, it falls on the 24th November.

    Things to Do on Thanksgiving 2019

    Unlike any other day, Thanksgiving 2016 day promises a number of things for you and something you can do is the following this year:

    Central Park West- Checking the 75th Street based at Central Park West, one can get the chance to catch up the parade that run along in between 9 to 10.30 am, hence the early birds have fair chance to join the same at 6 am and make this prime spot to be very much interesting.

    Time Warner Centre: Here you get the chance to shop at the Columbus Circle, which opens up at 9 am on the said day. Both the second and third floors of the mall you get the chance to catch the view of the parade seen in the Central Park West. The Holiday Under the Stars light display can come along to be an added bonus.

    Sixth Avenue: The balloons and floats that can help you reach the Sixth Venue can give you something really interesting on the Thanksgiving 2016, all you need to do is to catch the event sharp at 7 am to get things right.