Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

    If you are a true Carribbean, you will certainly not like to miss the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival event. Well for those who do not know about the T&T Carnival it is nothing but when thrill meets tranquillity. Well the T & Carnival is an annual event, which is held on the Monday and Tuesday before the advent of the Ash Wednesday in places like the Trinidad and Tobago. It is popular for the vibrant colour costumes of the participants and incredible celebrations. So looking at the cultural and tourism calendar of the Island, the T&T Carnival is among the most significant events that encompasses loads of events. In 2019, it was on 8th and 9thFebruary, while in the coming year in 2019, you can find the same on 27th and 28th of February.

    Carnival Monday

    Come the Carnival Monday for T & T one can witness a massive costume bands called the Pretty mass players that are flooded with vibrant colours with style. A set of thousand colorful people are seen walking and jumping along the street amidst the powerful music trucks. The excitement among the participants are often seen at the fever pitch, however, the fact is that the Carnival Monday is just a warming up event for the Carnival Tuesday.

    Carnival Tuesday

    The carnival Tuesday simply starts in the morning sharp at 8pm. You can find hundreds and thousands of masqueraders in their vibrant costume all set to show their faces on the TV cameras in their bands once they are seen passing through the jumping points. Well, every band in the carnival symbolizes their own mythological or historical ideas along with showcasing their own sections giving away the aspects of key theme.

    The Rewards

    The bands are often judged in three different categories – the large, medium and the small, which are announced after all the bands are seen crossing over the stage. The champion band is then crowned as the Masquerade Band of the Year in the event.

    The Pre-Carnival Celebrations

    Since the T&T Carnival is a big annual event, hence its buzz is created much before the event actually comes on floor. There are number of pre-carnival celebrations that are seen getting celebrated after the Christmas and New Year eve. You can find a number of events that come along in a non-partying style until the Carnival Sunday finally appear. You get the access to several calypso tents showcasing a number of cultural shows along with throwing a number of competitions to make the buzz bigger and louder for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.