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Can Am Holiday Volleyball Showcase - CAHVS 2019

Can Am Holiday Volleyball Showcase - CAHVS 2019

Can Am Holiday Volleyball Showcase - CAHVS 2019

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The Can Am Holiday Volleyball Showcase is North America’s premier men’s volleyball event.  The annual event showcases North America’s top collegiate men’s volleyball programs. The 4 day showcase between 8 powerhouse programs has the intention of highlighting the sport and its athletes in a way that has never been done before.  CAHVS will highlight the historic Canadian – American sporting rivalry and showcase some of the world’s top young volleyball talent.


The mission of CAHVS is to create a competitive environment that provides entertainment and a sense of enjoyment for players, fans of the game, sports enthusiasts, athletes, and the volleyball community at large.  General Admission tickets grant you bleacher and viewing gallery access.  Floor tickets grant you floor seats behind the serving line (Floor End) or along the side of the court (Floor Centre).


On top of the competition, CAHVS will feature an international caliber Coaching Symposium for Canadian and American coaches to learn from the sport’s coaching masterminds.  Coaches of national championship teams and international competitions will share their knowledge with up and coming coaches in the community.


Participating teams include:

Trinity Western University - 2019 U SPORTS Champions

University of Alberta

Ryerson University

McMaster University


Long Beach State University - 2019 NCAA Champions


Ohio State University

Lewis University

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