Enterprise 2000

  • 222 Cherry Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • (416) 507-1173
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Venue Details

Come springs and summer months, you get an option to discover the waterfront of Toronto city. Needless to say that it gives you one of the best experiences exploring the beauty of Mother Nature. However, one can get this experience provided you are floating on boating cruise.  You can treat your clients, employees, families and friends with a new edge of fun and exotic and picturesque boat cruise like yes you guessed it right the Enterprise 2000.

You can use this venue for a slew of events your private party, family gathering, wedding, corporate parties, business meetings, product launches, fundraising events, association and club events, nightclub events, family reunions, award ceremonies, award functions and film and production things. You name any event and you get a once in a lifetime experience. Come in groups along with friends and family and get enough opportunities to unwind and have quality time with your near ones.

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