Exhibition Place

  • 200 Princes' Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • (416) 263-3600
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Venue Details

Come any gigantic event in Toronto, the most popular choice for the organizers of any such event is obliviously the one called Exhibition Place. As per an estimate, more than 5.3 million visitors are seen visiting in a year. The said venue is a fitting solutions for conventions, conferences and exhibitions apart from the having features like sporting facilities, nightclubs, restaurants, and several other attractions in the gorgeous space of 192 acres of parkland.

The venue called Exhibition Place is one of the vital integral components of Toronto and Ontario’s economy specifically in terms of festivals, sports, recreation, tourism and culture. The venue embraces both the past and future which has made the venue the pioneer in green technologies apart from being the base to a number of historical structures of Toronto.

One of the interesting aspects of this venue is its location. It is located close to the shoreline of Lake Ontario simply over the western side of downtown. It is an array of old and new building including the ones that date back to 1700s. The five main buildings at the Exhibition Place include the Government Building, Fire Hall/Police Station, Music Building, Press Building and Horticulture Building. Together these buildings make the most fitting option for hosting a wide range of events.

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