Herongate Barn Dinner Theatre

  • 2885 Altona Road, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
  • 905-472-3085
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Venue Details

The century old Herongate Barn Theatre began as a dairy farm, and it housed animals typical to this kind of farm until the 1970’s when it ceased to be economical. It served as a location for auctions, barn dances, and hayrides until 1975 when it was converted by the Ward family for use as a theatre. It is now a truly unique dinner theatre experience. Where else can you dine in a bull pen or manger, and sit on a theatre seat that originally came from the historic old Victory Burlesque Theatre in Toronto?

Set in the Rouge Hill Heritage Conservation District, Herongate can accommodate up to 150 people for weddings, conferences or private parties.* The surrounding 10 acres are also available for BBQ’s or Garden Weddings, complete with an Arabian style marquee. Our kitchen can handle anything from a small business luncheon to a four course sit down dinner.

Situated on one of the highest points in the region, Herongate is the perfect backdrop for all types of photography. Our situation is perfect, not only for weddings and parties, but also for film shoots, as either a location, or support for shoots in the area. Our parking lot was recently used as a helicopter landing pad for a commercial shoot that needed to do some aerial photography of the Greater Metropolitan area!

Venue Type
12:00pm - 4:30am
Minimum Age
All ages+

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