Parkview Manor

  • 55, Barber Greene Road, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • (416) 391-5888

Venue Details

Parkview Manor, nestled in North York, Toronto, stands as a premier venue 
renowned for its elegance and versatility in hosting a diverse range of events. 
From lavish weddings to corporate functions and everything in between, 
Parkview Manor caters to a variety of occasions, making it a sought-after 
destination in the Greater Toronto Area.
Parkview Manor events epitomize sophistication and style, offering an exquisite 
backdrop for celebrations of all kinds. With its spacious halls, tasteful décor, and 
impeccable service, the venue ensures that every event is executed flawlessly, 
leaving a lasting impression on guests.
Parties at Parkview Manor are synonymous with luxury and glamour, providing 
an unparalleled experience for attendees. Whether it's a milestone birthday 
bash, a festive holiday party, or a lively corporate event, the venue's ambiance 
and amenities set the stage for unforgettable celebrations.
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In summary, Parkview Manor in North York, Toronto, is a distinguished venue 
known for its exceptional service and timeless elegance. With its strategic 
location, luxurious amenities, and commitment to excellence, Parkview Manor 
continues to set the standard for unforgettable events and parties in the Greater 
Toronto Area.

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