Queen Elizabeth Theatre

  • 190 Princes Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • (416) 263-3293
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Venue Details

When it comes to theatres in Toronto, Queen Elizabeth Theatre has a special space in the city. It is basically an auditorium based at the Exhibition Place in Toronto, Canada, which incepted way back in the year 1956. However, in the recent times in the year 2010, it witnessed with a new seating arrangements wherein the makers of the theatre enhanced with a seating arrangements tolling to around 1250 for a number of shows like concerts and other stage events. This building also has other centers like Fountain blue Banquet Centre, which is based in the area of around 5500 square feet inside the indoor meeting space.

The Box offices meant for the events are also found at the entrance of the building and the theatre is located at the Queen Elizabeth Building, which falls under the administration building and exhibition hall. In fact a number of performers and star music and concert celebrities have applauded this space with their wonder words. Talking about the same one of the music reviewer is seen describing the theatres went on saying that the theatre is proves out to be a perfect space for getting high quality sound wherein its stateliness is seen making it much better and suited place for the lecture or for a play rather than a rock show.

The following are the features, which discriminates this place from the other spaces. One of the key features of this space is the well organized parking space, which is managed by the group called Metro Parking Ltd, it is known for the following features:

  • The parking space – Underground
  • Type – Pay on foot, properly lit and manned space
  • Features – It is a disabled space with elevator
  • Payment options – Pay by Mobile or cards
  • Number of spaces - 260
  • In pay by mobile option you can pay with PayByPhone or Verrus users can even pay by calling at the no – 604-662-7275 with the location id – 9943

All these features make the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Toronto a perfect space to consider for any concert and other on-stage events. After all you get loads of stuff without investing much of your money unlike seen in any other auditorium, so, what are you waiting for, go get the things right.

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