Revival Event Venue

  • 783, College Street, Old Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Venue Details

Revival Event Venue, nestled in Old Toronto, is a beacon of entertainment 
renowned for its historic charm and versatile spaces. As its name implies, Revival
epitomizes a resurgence in Toronto's event scene, offering a dynamic platform 
for a plethora of occasions. From concerts to corporate galas, weddings to wild 
parties, the venue caters to diverse needs with its adaptable spaces and rich 
Its historic architecture lends a unique backdrop, infusing events with a sense of 
nostalgia and grandeur. Notably, Revival is a hub for cultural happenings, 
hosting live music gigs, DJ sets, theatrical performances, and film screenings. 
The venue's allure extends to its vibrant nightlife, drawing revellers to its well-
appointed bar and spacious dance floor. With professional event services and a 
central location, Revival stands as a premier destination, attracting event 
organizers and attendees alike. In essence, Revival Event Venue embodies the 
pulse of Toronto's vibrant social scene, offering a stage for celebration, 
creativity, and connection in the heart of the city's historic district.

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