Roy Thomson Hall

  • 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Venue Details

Roy Thomson Hall is a world-renowned concert hall located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. The hall is named after the late Roy Thomson, a Canadian media magnate who contributed generously to its construction. It opened in 1982 and has since become a cultural landmark in the city.

The venue features a distinctive design, with a curved glass fa├žade and a sloping roof that makes it a standout feature on the city skyline. The hall has a seating capacity of 2,630, making it one of the largest concert halls in North America.

Roy Thomson Hall hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, including classical music concerts, jazz performances, and pop and rock concerts. The hall is also home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and is known for its exceptional acoustics, which are renowned among musicians and audiences alike.

Visitors can check out the schedule of events on the hall's website or on Ticketgateway, where they can purchase tickets directly through the platform. In addition to its concerts, Roy Thomson Hall also offers educational and outreach programs, including lectures, workshops, and masterclasses.

Overall, Roy Thomson Hall is a must-visit destination for music lovers in Toronto, offering a world-class concert experience in a stunning setting with exceptional acoustics. Its diverse range of events and programs make it a cultural hub in the city, attracting visitors and locals alike.

Venue Type
2630 People
10:00 Am To 4:00 Pm