Tropical Nights Restaurant & Lounge

  • 1145 Morningside Ave, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  • 647-341-3411
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Venue Details

Welcome to Tropical Nights Restaurant & Lounge, where the vibrant spirit of the tropics meets the heart of Scarborough. Situated in a lively neighborhood, our venue offers an inviting escape into the exotic flavors, rhythms, and ambiance of the Caribbean.

Step into Tropical Nights and immerse yourself in a world of tropical charm, where colorful decor, island-inspired cuisine, and infectious music create an atmosphere of warmth and celebration. From delectable jerk chicken to fresh seafood dishes and tropical cocktails, our menu is a culinary journey that delights the senses and transports you to paradise.

As the sun sets, our lounge comes alive with live music, DJs, and entertainment that keep the energy high and the dance floor buzzing. Whether you're looking to enjoy a leisurely dinner with friends or dance the night away, Tropical Nights promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Looking to host a special event or celebration? Our versatile event spaces provide the perfect setting for everything from intimate gatherings to larger parties. Let our experienced team help you create a memorable occasion that captures the essence of the Caribbean.

Join us at Tropical Nights Restaurant & Lounge and discover why we're Scarborough's premier destination for tropical dining, entertainment, and hospitality. Whether you're seeking a taste of island life or simply looking to unwind, we invite you to experience the magic of the tropics right here in Scarborough.

Venue Type
Mon-sat: 11:00 Am - 2:00 Am Sun: 10:00 Am - 12:00 Am
Minimum Age
All ages+
Dress Code
Casual (no Sportswear, Jerseys And Athletic Shoes)