Velvet Underground

  • 508 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 647-351-9001
  • Website

Venue Details

The Velvet Underground is a live music venue located in the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, Canada. The venue is known for its intimate atmosphere, featuring a small stage and a capacity of approximately 300 people.

The Velvet Underground has a rich history in the Toronto music scene, having been established in the 1980s and hosting a variety of different genres of music over the years. The venue has been a popular destination for both local and touring artists, with many up-and-coming acts making their debut performances on the Velvet Underground stage.

In addition to live music events, the Velvet Underground is also used for a variety of other events such as dance parties, comedy shows, and other special events. The venue has a full bar and a comfortable lounge area for patrons to relax and socialize before, during, and after events.

The number of events happening at The Velvet Underground varies from month to month, but there are typically several events held at the venue each week. These include live music performances, DJ sets, and other special events.

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals, Students, Urban
Toronto, Queen West
Dress Code
Stylish (no Baggy Jeans, Athletic Shoes, Timberlands And Sportswear)
Live Music
Capacity: Current: 355 Standing