10 Ways To Double Your Ticket Sales In 2016

Tuesday, Jun 21 08:56 AM

With barely few days remaining to catch the most happening event in Toronto often referred as Toronto Caribbean Carnival starting next month, it’s time to sell out the tickets of the events. If you are keen in selling tickets to events, boosting up the ticket sales is perhaps the front and the vital ones on your list. Well, if you are keen to boost up the sales of the tickets, the following five ways can help in multiplying the ticket sales this year. Let’s check them out:

1) Double Your Target & Beak It Down :

In order to boost up your revenue, you need to start by simply setting up the overall target in real numbers. Then you can work back in order to create a series of incremental and smaller targets. For instance, if your event is seen fetching you $12K and you are keen to make $24K this year, consider this to be the monthly goal of $2K. And if you are hosting the events every week, you can easily set a target for around 500 dollars per event. This type of granular roadmap has been proved as a successful model.

2) Increase The Prices :

Though no one may like the rise in prices but inflation is the part and parcel of our life. A majority of loyal fans would understand and would never mind supporting the event. Do not just rely only on this option, which is a 100 percent price hike is simple to swallow, however, going with a 25 percent boost can dampen the demand. Invest some of your new revenue over event marketing and showcase and sell like a premium experience for the extra cost paid for the event.

3) Add On The Higher Value Ticket Tier :

If you are not comfortable with the usual price rise then adding an additional ticket option for the higher value target customers can be a good idea. As per market research, the events including premium tickets over the pricing strategy can often fetch higher amount of revenues than the ones without the same.

4) Create A Low Cost Tier :

You can also try the opposite approach by simply boosting up the ticket sales by simply adding up the lower tier ticket choice. This may appear like a half day ticket instead of the complete day and digital steam of event or even try the restricted access.

5) Submit Your Event To Industry/listing Websites :

Regardless of the kind of event you have, a number of industry platform sites simply welcome listings and other targeted promotions. Finding out relevant sites pertaining to events can help you in reaching the relevant target audience.

6) Email Past Attendees :

If you have a sizeable amount of database of attendees of similar programs or events, you can certainly reach out via email marketing. Simply thank them for attending the earlier event and ask them politely to make out for this event, which will certainly going to boost up the ticket sale.

7) Offer Discounts With High Value To You And Your Attendees :

One of the ways of boosting ticket sales is by offering a good discount promo codes to your target audience. You can categorize the same with different sections like early birth specials along with the group promotions discounts, etc.

8) Appeal To A New Audience :

The best way to double the ticket sales is to simply find out the appealing the new but the relevant audience ones. It is simple to carry out this without keeping your core audience at bay. A number of beer festivals have seen successfully tried this option and have got good results.

9) Create A Contest :

Nothing is as powerful as creating a good word of mouth buzz. All you can do is to check out for your past or current event attendees to help in spreading the word about the event you have. Contests are the best ways of doing so!

10) Local Seo Tweaks On Your Event Website :

When it comes to internet promotion, never underestimate the power of local SEO for your event site. Find out local SEO keywords and phrases and stick them up for your on-page SEO and you end up getting the result you want. However, make sure you research the keyword via the tools like Google Analytics.

Trying out the above options can really help in boosting up the ticket sales, how about trying them!

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