Hold On For The Upcoming Crazy Tailgate Party In Toronto

Wednesday, Jun 22 09:06 AM

When people are enjoying cool summer time in Toronto, you find buzz for the sports like football. Thanks for the football season you have in the Canada’s most happening city called Toronto. Well, this is a perfect time to celebrate the tailgate party. Well if you don’t know about this party, it is nothing but a typical pre-sports game ritual wherein people are seen with their trunks over their cars, kick the back and soon relax to unwind with friends sipping some beers along with the barbecue. Well, it may sound interesting for the people who are yet to keep a try about this, and the ones who have already tried, it is yet another opportunity to have good gala time with friends and near ones.

Tailgating is one of the best ways to get revved up for big game and meet a number of other football fans at the very same time especially in a passionate city like Toronto. The very first Argos tailgate party commences this Thursday on 23rd June sharp at 4.30 onwards and would remain for three hours before it finally kicks off at the venues called Exhibition Place and Ontario Place Parking lots. The tickets aren’t that expensive, you simply have to invest 30 dollars per vehicle at the Ontario Place, while for the exhibition it would be 35 dollars at Exhibition, which promises a never ending fun for you this Footfall season.

All the football fans who are participating need to take a note that they would be allowed to only bring their own food and barbecues that can help in grilling up their own grub along with the 4 dollar beers besides the other beverages that would be sold at a number of our tents. Indeed this is one of the best ways of starting up this season, why waste time waiting for the last moment to book the tickets, get them right away, while more details about the same can be sought at the Argos Website. So, Get Set and Go for the grilling party you have with football fans at Toronto!

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