Caribana Is The Most Stylish Parade In The World

Saturday, May 28 06:03 AM

Caribana festivities kicked off at the beginning of July but the highlight of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival is unquestionably the Caribana Parade, which takes place on Saturday, August 2.

Not only is the parade a free pass to wear as little as possible (blame the heat!) but it also allows you to wear all the feathers, neon and bling you want.

So thank God then for Parade revellers, who every year get decked out in their Caribana finest, complete with vibrant colours, tiny bikinis, jaw-dropping makeup and headdresses that eclipse all the celebs playing dress-up at Coachella.

Sure, the peeps at the Pride Parade can get really creative (it's all that leather), but the Caribana dancers have that special flair that's hard to forget.

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