The Highly Anticipated & Annual S.O.S. FEST Returns Bigger And Stronger!

Saturday, May 28 05:27 AM

The hype for SOS Festival may not be seen credible but trust me it is real and the month of July is Panning out to be one of the biggest and happening events for the Soca Lovers of Toronto. The organizers have embarked with known bands along with roping in some of the known soca artists for the event along with loads of stuff to enjoy in Canada. With passing time, SOS Fest is getting bigger and better and trust me, it’s a complete family event, however, it’s not just a family event but something, which will fully blow out the fete in the evening when you all the stars lined up to perform over the stage.

As you dig in deep into the S.O.S Festival 2016 the fete, you get to see how loads of lined up packed with Soca stars, which means you can catch their glimpse along with wave with them their incredible dance paying a very small event with family and friends in your city in Canada. And the early birds ticket are loads of reasons to enjoy as they get the tickets at the cost of 20 to 35 dollars, which will become 60 as you lose the opportunity to be in the early birds list.

There are several events lined up for this year, however, catching up the first event of 17th July 2016, you can find the BABYLON FIRE, THE IDOL DEAD, LORD VOLTURE & AONIA are the first top bands that have announced for SOS Festival 2016! You explore the list of bands and vocalists participating in the SOS Festival 2016, you are definitely going to attracted towards the event with family and friends. For a rough idea about the S.O.S Festival 2016, catch up the day wise events from the following paragraphs would give the glimpses of the event. Let’s check them out as under:

FRIDAY (Dean Hocking Stage)

  • Absolva
  • Babylon Fire
  • Pythia


SATURDAY (Dean Hocking Stage)

  • Attica Rage
  • Crimes Of Passion
  • Wizz Wizzard
  • Lord Volture
  • Renegade & Retrospect
  • Aonia
  • The Chasing Dark
  • Hell's Addiction

SATURDAY (Metal Nation Radio Acoustic Stage)

  • John Sloman


  • SUNDAY (Dean Hocking Stage)
  • Knock Out Kaine
  • Massive Wagons
  • The Idol Dead
  • Bigfoot
  • Control The Storm
  • Gang
  • Dendera
  • Diggeth

More Bands TBC, Including Saturday Headliners.

So, what are you waiting for, go get your tickets and be in the early birds to avail good offers and discount deals pertaining to VIP packages that can be purchased here with great ease. So, better start your season with a great bang and put yourself some tickets to one of the biggest fete this season!

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