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Monday, May 30 08:18 AM

Ticketgateway event creation process is very simple. You can easily create your own event for free in short span of time. Just follow the simple steps and get your event live for everyone. Just login to your account Simply choose "Create an Event" to start setting up your events.

How To Create An Event ?

Steps to create an events :

  1. Choose "Create an Event" to start setting up your events
  2. Choose suitable Title
  3. Set the venue location
  4. Set event date and time
  5. Add an event images and Videos
  6. Select event organizer profile
  7. Select tickets types
  8. Select an event topic

How To Sell Tickets?

Ticketgateway is the best place for event organizers to sell tickets online. From classes to concerts, we help people all over the world create customized pages and utilize our software to sell tickets and promote their events.

Steps To sell tickets :

  1. Create event on Ticketgateway
  2. Select paid ticket type
  3. Enter price and Quantity for Tickets
  4. Publish your event

How To Add Features in Events ?

Ticketgateway events features help you save time and sell out your tickets. It will boost your online sales and increase engagement with customers.

Add following features to your events :

  1. Add Referral Services
  2. Invite Guest
  3. Add Widgets
  4. Create access and Promotional Codes
  5. Send Complimentary Tickets
  6. Transfer your tickets


How to Create Widgets ?

Ticketgateway offers unique way to sell tickets right from your personal website or blog by using one of our promotional widgets. It's a great way to drive ticket sales, from your event's Manage page, go to "Widgets" and select one of our promotional widgets to get started.

Steps to get widget:

  1.     Login to your account.
  2.     Go to my store
  3.     Select event which you want to promote.
  4.     Go to manage page.
  5.     Go to widget located in right sidebar.

    Here you can create widget for :

  1.         Event page
  2.         Event Ticket form
  3.         Event Ticket button
  4.         Event Texts
  5.         Event Calendar
  6.         Countdown timers.

    Click on Generate Code for the specific widget. Copy and Paste the code for use on your website

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