Curtain Raiser : Baro Toronto Is The Newly Discovered Venue For King West

Friday, Jun 17 09:04 AM

With every passing day, you find something revealed about the biggest carnival to be witnessed in Toronto next month. Today, it’s the new location of the King West called Baro, which was revealed by the organizers that is to witnesses some of the events here for the carnival. The location of BARO is located at 485 King Street West Toronto, which happens to be the traditional Latin Culture and Cuisine Center will be soon seen in a district modern look and feel informs the owner Steve Gonzalez who is the known chef in the area and the owner of the group called Valdez, which is a unique hospitality venue that got closed a couple of weeks before.

If you do not know the Chef, then Steve Gonzalez happens to be the first generation Canadian with Colombian parents. He is known to experiment the best with the classic Latino food trying to add modern spins in it and has the experience of working in the restaurant business for past two decades apart from known in cooking in countries like Spain, Miami and Hong Kong.

If you look at the further details of the venue, it is located at the South Side of the King West found at the foot of the Brant Street at 485 King West that comprises of a building premise having an area of 13200 square feet having enough of the land to have a gala time there. This building is an old architecture constructed in the year 1896 and known for being the textile warehouse and has been in use since the said time. So, BARO is the known JNIQ Hospitality Venue for the said carnival, keep on checking with us to get more updates about the gala event.



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