Beyonce Announces Free Life Time Tickets To Her Concerts For Vegans

Thursday, Feb 14 03:36 AM

Beyonce’s events are always in the news but this time it’s there for a different reason. Artist Beyonce has taken her Vegan mission to a next level. The super popular pop singer has announced on her social media account that non vegetarians who would choose to go vegan will get free tickets for life for all Beyonce’s and her hubby Jay- Z’s events.

Beyonce and her Jay-Z are a star couples who promote vegetarianism. They are on the noble mission to spread veganism for the welfare of the planet. On the same lines, Beyonce’s announcement of the giving away free tickets to new vegan has created a sensation on social media. There are plenty of memes coming out each day showing fans going desperately vegan to grab the free tickets.

According to the news released last week, the only requirements for the participating in the contest is the contestants’ name and email id. However, the organizers and Jay-Z stated that they hope that people understand that the intention behind the contest is goodwill for the environment and the planet. Veganism saves close to 27 pitchers of water for each human. Veganism helps us stay hydrated.

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