A Grand Peony Festival Is Announced In Ontario

Thursday, Feb 14 03:39 AM

The spring is knocking at your door and you know what.. there’s a better reason to welcome the season of flowers this year.

Love Peony flowers? Who doesn’t? Peonies have amazing petals, bigger than your palms with delicate colour shading at the edges. They are exclusive to this part of the world and there’s absolutely no one who wont jump with joy at the sight of a bunch of fresh peonies.

As the spring sets in, you want to say good bye to your winter blues. This is the time when you plan for fun outings to explore the coming season. This is just the right time when nature lovers organize events like Peony festival to give people a sight for sore eyes. This year the Oshawa Peony Festival will be officially held to treat nature lovers with amazing varieties of Peonies.

Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens will be hosting their official Peony festival this year too. The dates are out- it’s June 15 and 16th, timings: 10 to 4.

The Canadian Peony Society hosts this festival with lost of fervour and group spirit. This year too, the festival is all set to showcase as many as 300 varieties of peonies. The Botanical Garden has special attractions like water fountains and innovative architectural garden layout.

Peony festivals are not just about the flowers. Though there will be a host of peonies in full bloom, one can also visit to find great art works like paintings and sculptures at the event. Local restaurants will set up their stalls to let you taste the best flavours in the town. In addition, there will be musical and cultural events to enjoy with your dear ones.

Also, the event is absolutely free for all visitors. All the amazing attractions at the festival can be enjoyed without any cost.


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