Exciting Ways To Celebrate Easter In Canada

Monday, Mar 04 08:29 AM

Easter is celebrated with great fervour in Canada. It's the time of the year when families and employees are beaming with energy and spring season also adds to people's happiness. Celebration is in the air. Easter not just gives Canadians another reason to celebrate but it also brings different communities together in the fervour of celebration. 

If you are new in Canada and wondering how to celebrate Easter, here's a small list of things to do. 

1. Religious services

Visit the Churches. The most splendid churches are decorated with awesome lights. People throng religious churches and Grotos and the music of the carols is a soul soothing effect. Experience the most blissful religious gatherings in cities and villages and you will love the ambiance. 

2. Food

Can there be a celebration without food? Not at all. And so here comes Easter delicacies. Easter has it's own symbols when it comes to food. The Easter egg is ever the food of the festival. Canadians enjoy varieties of egg dishes, buns, donuts, cakes and muffins all delicious flavours with special Easter recipes. Houses and restaurants have exclusive Easter recipes for the occasion. For the main course, Lamb is special dish for the festival. 

3. Traveling

The tourists spots in Canada are thronged by tourists enjoy with their near and dear ones. It's a fun time of the year and families love to visit their relatives making it one of the most travelled times of the year. Places like --- are most visited ones. 


4. Music Carnivals

Celebration is incomplete without music. Music is not only there in the homes but in the churches, on the streets and theatre and community halls. There are special Easter plays in theatres and what not. Music shows and carnivals are at their best during this festivity. 


6. Sports events

Sporting events of all kinds and all levels are a highlight of the festive season. There are sports activities like skiing, skating and tobogganing etc which give Canadians a bigger chance to celebrate. 


7. Events in theatre and community halls:

Clubs, communities halls and theatres are buzzing with energy. Easter weekend is all about gatherings, bonding, great food and music. So, what better way there can be to get all this under one roof than in a carnival? There are multiple events where one can spend the Easter weekend and make it memorable. 


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