Fete Peche Patisserie: Loaded With Fun, Music And Great Food

Thursday, Jan 24 07:01 AM

For those looking for an amazing Carnival food experience but don’t want to compromise on class, Pêche Pâtisserie brings an outstanding debut Carnival event with Cocktails, Canapés & Soca. If you love the spirit of partying, then this event is not one to be missed.  

Cocktails, Canapés & Soca has partnered with Pêche Pâtisserie and Arief Rafeeq and the team of Premier Events. The later has a tie up with LUXX, PRIME, and Jamboree Events.

Rafeeq and Chef Khalil Ali, owner of Pêche, shared how the success of a previous event of the same nature prompted them to come up with the idea of this upcoming fete. A similar event held in october was a highly popular one.  

Owing to the rave reviews about the event, there were impending plans of having the same event at a larger scale. To tackle space constraints, the venue was decided to be changed. And so the idea of fete came up.

With the idea of this wholesome and amazing fete, Trinidad Hilton’s poolside was chosen as the apt venue for the event. Another organizer Rafeeq said that they want to more dimensions to the concept of all inclusive events. According to Rafeeq, although there will be lots of drinks and entertainment, they’ll pay special attention to the food and want it to be the best part of the event.

The fete promises a wonderful time tasting delicacies like an array of canapés including shrimp tempura with fiesta salad; escargots; chicken pesto mousse; smoked salmon vol en vont; Philly cheesesteak sliders; turkey roulade; and tandoori lamb balls, to name a few.

Few of Ali's delicacies like the tuna wakame ensalada have been influenced by Chef Tak of Basho Restaurant. The organizers have made the best effrots to provide an amazing ambiance and mouth watering range of food to the guests.

There will be awesome music by renowned DJs like DJ Private Ryan, Nuphoric and a surprise soca artist is set to perform.

Don’t miss this Cocktails, Canapés & Soca to held at the Trinidad Hilton Poolside on Saturday, January 19.

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