Spice Up Your Halloween Parties With These 6 Crazy Ideas

Monday, Sep 30 03:40 AM

An ancient tradition, Halloween is a time of year for some to have a new beginning, for some to test their scare tolerance, for some to dress up and have fun, and is much to a dentist’s chagrin, an occasion causing an influx of cavity checks. It dates back centuries and adapted over time with newer traditions, doctrines, and activities. But how do Canadians enjoy Halloween?  This is our guide to Halloween history, candy consumption, favourites, vintage offerings, for a safe and sane Halloween in Canada.

Though Halloween is celebrated in all major parts of the world, Canadians celebrate it with their unique vigor. In Canada, Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year and owing to the ancient roots of the festival, the celebrations are widespread in the country. Each region has its own way to bring in the festival.

Why is Halloween celebrated?

Halloween evolved into the present celebration from the Celtic festival. The Celtics used to gather near the bonfire and perform rituals to ward off evil spirits in order to have a great beginning to the approaching New Year. This age old tradition has now become the modern Halloween with wonderful celebrations and madness that make this day worth experiencing. It’s major festival in the northern America with traditions and rituals modified by the locals.

Trick or Treat

This is a tradition followed involving kids. Groups of kids, dressed up in Halloween themed costumes, approach houses and ask “trick or treat”. So if you get the answer “treat” you will be receiving goodies like chocolates from the house owner or else you are free to trick him and trouble him. That’s the fun part of the game but mostly people play it safe and even out of kindness for the kids, they choose to treat them.

Pumpkin and Halloween

So what’s the thing with Pumpkin on Halloween? Over the years, Pumpkins have emerged as a symbol of Halloween parties. There are amazing carving with symbols and motifs of the spooky stories. Pumpkins lanterns have become a favorite in events. They are artistic and impart character to the ordinary pumpkins.
Pumpkins are found in abundance in this time of the year and are a big favorite during this festival. In Toronto city alone, there have been events wherein they have been used in large numbers.

Food Makes Halloween Happier

As each festival has it’s own distinct platter, so does Halloween. Though it does not involve meals and special dishes, there is exchange of food items that is symbolic to this time of the year. Kids and grown- ups equally love sweets, candies and chocolates exchanged between them. Chocolate bars, cans of drinks and chips and sugar candies, homemade Halloween themed chocolates are the special offerings of the season.

Halloween Parties

The festival cannot be imagined without crazy parties wherein people dress up representing different characters from spooky tales. This is indeed the best part of the celebration that people look forward to in organizations and in the events. Picking up characters from horror stories and donning the look is fun among the youngsters. you have to be your scary best, that’s the trick.
Street walks and fests

For tourists as well as the locals, there are amazing horror tours to enjoy if you have the guts for it.  There are parades and parties to haunted houses and ghosts trains. There are nooks and corners in every town with the haunting stories floating about it. And on this day, you take a tour of the place with a special spooky feel to the places.

Special Events

When in Toronto for Halloween, you get the best treats and parties to explore the local flavors of the place. There are amazing gatherings and treats amidst nature, in the city, at the locals’ most favorite streets and much more to get your scary best.

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