TicketGateway Offers The Free COVID 19 Tracing App For Businesses

Wednesday, Sep 09 03:45 AM

The entire world is witnessing the severe impact of COVID-19, and social distancing is the only option to diminish the virus spread. Businesses are going through hard times in the middle of this dangerous situation. However, resuming the business has become a crucial concern to save the economy. So, the importance of contact tracing apps can't be ignored in these situations.

Manual contact tracing is one of the most challenging tasks in modern times. Also, manual tracing comes with several drawbacks. Earlier, there were contact tracers that used to gather information from the infected people regarding their recent contacts. However, it was impossible for the infected person to remember or know the names of every person they contacted recently.

For instance, if you got infected a week ago with no shown symptoms and visited many public places, be it the workplace, shopping mall, local shops, acquaintances, or unknown people who stood close to you while waiting for their turns on the cash counter. Is it possible to remember this long list of people who came in contact with you? We bet that you won’t! It is the biggest reason for the spread of coronavirus at a rapid pace all across the globe, and it is that crucial time where we need to start using advanced options for accurate tracking.

Contact tracing, backed by new technologies, can act as a powerful weapon to win against coronavirus. Thousands of top tech companies, as well as the startups, are playing with new ideas that will help mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Current Challenges For Employers

Employers are on the battleground against the impact of COVID-19 on their operations and processes. It is a fact that work cannot be stopped, but precautions are always a must. Keeping their workers safe is their biggest hurdle, and hence they are looking for reliable solutions that are innovative and easy to use. Therefore, TicketGateway brings to you the most innovative and advanced way that will help you keep track of the employees who got exposed to COVID-19 so that the right actions can be taken, and it becomes easy to keep all of the other employees safe.

About TicketGateway COVID 19 Tracing App For Businesses

TicketGateway, a leading company, has introduced an innovative Covid 19 tracing app to prevent the new wave of coronavirus spread. Their app, named “Contact TicketGateway” has been exclusively designed for the businesses so that they can reopen and continue their operations without any hesitation and risk. It offers an agile and super effective solution to businesses without the requirement of any expensive IT integrations.

This app deploys the solutions via an easy to use the app. The system will trace who was in contact with any of the affected workers, up to 20 days previously. You will have full access to the status of your employees through the app and full administration over crucial data and contact tracing processes so that you can react quickly.

Ticketgateway COVID 19 tracing app empowers enterprises to improve their coronavirus safety rules and procedures. All this will maintain a stress-free and healthy work atmosphere in your organization in the middle of the global pandemic. This tracing app will play a significant role in keeping your organization safe from COVID 19 impact.

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