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CARINA Star Party 2024

CARINA Star Party 2024

CARINA Star Party 2024 Mar 16, 2024 07:00 PM - Mar 17, 2024 07:00 AM


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CARINA Star Party 2024

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CARINA Star Party 2024 Description

A Star Party is a gathering of amateur astronomers to observe the night sky. These are fun, relaxing, educational events that offer an opportunity to get in touch with nature and the universe in a unique way. CARINA has been hosting an annual Star Party in Chaguaramas every year since 2003. CARINA’s Star Party is, in effect, a big night-time picnic. People spread out in groups of family and friends on the grass and spend the evening together, looking skyward, picking out planets, constellations and principal stars. Those with observing equipment such as telescopes and binoculars can see much more, but a strong love of the night sky is the basic requirement. A Star Theatre will be held from 7:00pm, including multimedia presentations and a laser tour of the night sky. Telescopes will also be available for viewing astronomical objects.

You should bring a large blanket or rug to spread out on. Ideally, you’ll be spending a lot of time looking upward so you’ll want to find a comfortable way to do this (Standing does not work for long!). Lying down with a pillow beneath your head is probably the best way of all.  Beach chairs are good too, but we ask for these not to be used in the middle of the Presentation Area during the presentations, to avoid blocking those behind.

If you plan on staying until morning, a tent is a good idea, but not essential. It's a rare opportunity to overnight in a beautiful spot in complete safety and we hope many people do so.

Pack a cooler with drinks and bring along food just like on a regular picnic. Don’t plan on any Barbeques or campfires though! Please bring along a garbage bag and take your trash with you when you leave.

It may get quite chilly and a little breezy so you should wear warm clothes. 

We are in an outdoor environment, so please be prepared for the occasional mosquitoes at sunset and sunrise. Insect repellent would be a good idea. Cream types are preferable over aerosol sprays as the spray could potentially damage telescope optics.