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How to craft an article review if youre pressed for time

How to craft an article review if youre pressed for time

How to craft an article review if youre pressed for time

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Exam situations often call for the quick writing of a review. You may never have seen the article in question until the last minute so knowing how to pull a good article review out of thin air can really come in handy. So with pen in hand and the clock ticking, here’s how you can write one in an hour.

Getting acquainted with the article


Article reviews often require you to read them through a few times. Do this, but make notes as you go along. You want to understand the purpose of the article as well as the intention of the writer if you are to review it properly. Darren Barden, a writing coach who now works with the essay writing company advises you to make use of every implication, digression, opinion, and a clue that may help you to gain insight into the writer’s purpose and relay that to your own reader.


Decide quickly


You have about a minute to decide what direction you want to take with your review. On the one hand, you may want to give a purely objective viewpoint on what was written. Or perhaps you agree with the writer on every point and want to convey that in your assignment. Then there’s the possibility of totally disagreeing with the writer and proving him or her wrong as far as you can. Decide quickly how you feel so that your review has a purpose, says Travis Meade, a copy editor from https://essaywritingservice.ca.


Display some methodology


Now it’s time to prove your point. If you agree, say and show why. If you disagree, give reasons and support them with evidence. Don’t spend too much time writing. Use your precious minutes to conceptualize and let your notes carry the weight of your writing when the time comes. If your notes are good, the writing is a cinch.


Critique of the writer’s contribution to the subject

Be honest with your own readers and tell them what if anything they will gain from the article’s main ideas. If there’s nothing being said that will enrich the reader, then add your own insight so that the reader trusts your opinion over the writer of the article you are reviewing.

Proofread your review quickly and if you have an extra minute, do so again. Joel Lamb, a content creator at many online resume writing services reports that the secret of writing quickly is having your ideas ready. If you successfully break up the writing from the conceptualization process, you can manage your time better and write something you’re your professor will enjoy reading.

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