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Fish And Rum: Workshop Presentation


Fish And Rum: Workshop Presentation

Fish And Rum: Workshop Presentation

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The islands of Jamaica and Newfoundland have long had a mutually-beneficial relationship. Newfoundland provided the codfish essential to making Jamaica's national dish, Ackee and Saltfish - while the Jamaicans provided the steady stream of rum. But when the Prohibition Era arrived in Newfoundland (1917-24), and neither island wanted to do without its precious imports, things started to get fishy...​

Come and experience a Workshop Presentation of a hybrid theatrical work, currently being developed by Culchahworks' Artistic Director Andrew Craig, that tells the little-known story from this chapter of Canadian history. Enjoy a staged reading of the script, along with music that forms when two cultures meet. Admission is free (!) and free refreshments will be served.

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