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Legends Of Toronto Reggae Concert


Legends Of Toronto Reggae Concert

Legends Of Toronto Reggae Concert

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The Reggae scene that sprouted in Toronto 's Eglinton Ave and Oakwood Ave neighbourhood in the 1960s and 70s created artists and sounds that continue to influence the genre to this day. Artists like Jay Douglas, Leroy Sibbles and others, influenced themselves by American R & B, generated music that went on to permeate ska, rock steady, lovers' rock, and Reggae. 

Come and see some of the legendary figures in Toronto Reggae on stage together for the first time in ages, playing the music that started it all! This concert is part of a larger project, intended to document and celebrate this important part of Toronto's cultural legacy, as the completion of the Eglinton LRT Crosstown prepares to radically and permanently alter the neighbourhood and landscape.


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