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Must-Have Accessories for Standing Desks

Must-Have Accessories for Standing Desks

Must-Have Accessories for Standing Desks

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Standing desks have been around for a while. Certain specialists perform better while standing (thing architects and designers), others can only work while standing (like conductors), and the rest of us benefit in health and performance from the change of posture. With the abundance of standing desk options, the differences between them are usually in the details and accessories manufacturers offer. And there are several that are definitely a must-have for the best experience using your standing desk.

There are different types of accessories you might want. One thing you cannot go on without is a cable management system. All those annoying wires that keep tangling despite your best efforts are something to consider dealing with from the very beginning. If you want to keep the space under your desk tidy, clamps, tray organizers, ties, and cable snakes are a necessity.

Next, there are monitor stands and CPU holders, both crucial to keep the important parts of your PC safe and comfortable for you. You wouldn’t want to bump into your CPU every once in a while: it’s not good for either your knees and your computer. Similarly, a monitor stand can improve your experience and save you some neck pains. Simple adjustment of monitor height and you’re good to go for your 8-hour working day.

Also, there’s a whole class of standing desk accessories that does not seem important but actually can make you happier. A variety of grommets and under-desk bars for USB and AC power outlets will save your time and energy. It’s much easier to have a plug at hand than going around the room looking for an empty socket. Now you can keep your charging phone at hand to check on instant messages, especially if they’re work-related.

Keeping your desk private and clutter-free is another issue of importance in office settings. A variety of trays, as well as privacy walls and panels, are developed for these reasons, and all can be easily installed on your standing desk.

Finally, think about having a set of standing-desk-only accessories. Anti-fatigue mats and accessories that encourage movement like foam rollers and balance boards will help you preserve your posture and keep moving to improve your core strength and balance. Who says you cannot work out while you work?

Whether you work from home or office, a standing desk is a great way to keep your posture right and your body healthier. Still, your standing desk will not be complete with just a tabletop and a frame. You’ll enjoy your standing desk better with the accessories that help to manage cables, to keep your desk tidy and add privacy, and keep you moving even more.

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