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Soka With Her 2020

Soka With Her 2020

Soka With Her 2020

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World's Largest Showcase Of Female Soca Superstar Talent Ever
The band Ruckshun in 2006 sang, “Carnival Is Woman,” a sentiment shared by all since the festival’s genesis in 1783. 

Women have always been the centre of attraction at Carnival, bringing the sexy and allure to the festival. The power of the woman to move the Carnival has only grown stronger over the decades.

Beginning with Lady Trinidad, the woman proved a force to be reckoned with in the calypso arena. Then came Calypso Rose, followed by a succession of women who have stood tall on calypso and soca music stages the world over.

The soca queens of today are even more daring, captivating, contentious and inventive than ever before.they have definitely gone beyond mounting a stage and delivering a song. These sexy soca warriors of today can whip thousands into a frenzy at will and have them all at their bark and call.

No surnames needed for these emerging global superstars, just the mention of their first names and everyone knows who’s coming up and what to expect. Nadia, Nailah, Fay-Ann, Denise, Destra, Nessa, Patrice and Alison all world class artistes, each in her own right. 

Come Carnival 2020, Randy Glasgow Productions (RGP), will introduce a brand new event celebrating all that is woman. Titled Soka With HER, this event is designed to showcase the top tier female soca artistes if the day, while providing a platform for tomorrow’s women of soca waiting in the wings for their breakout moment.

We must remember here that RGP, through a previous mega concert series of theirs, that elevated the careers of some of today’s female soca stars onto the international arena. And Sola With HER is poised to do the same, in an even bigger manner.

For this inaugural run of Soka With Her, RGP will be held at the National Stadium on February 7 and will feature the world’s best and most sought after female soca artistes, including those mentioned above.

This will be the largest presentation of women’s talent on one stage ever in the Caribbean. Everything required to facilitate the women to deliver their best, most entertaining performances will be provided, from an ultra outfitted huge stage, to technologically advanced lighting, visual effects and state of the art sound and engineering.

Further enhancing the event are appearances by top local and international DJs, including the top female soundscapers such as Ana and Charlotte. The top female acts from 

Barbados, St Lucia and other Caribbean islands will also take the stage, coming in exclusively for Soka With Her. Look forward to hosts like Nikki Crosby and other wonderful women.

Batson says she is looking forward to Soka With HER, eagerly anticipating what RGP has in store for the artistes and audience alike.

“ Women have always provided that spirited, vibrant, spicy and not to mention sexy element to Carnival. I admire the women of Soca, not only the ones who are dominating the stage right now, but the ones who came before us as well. I’ll be performing at “Soka with Her” alongside my all female band, Sass. I’m always excited to showcase female musicianship, so you can expect nothing but pure energy. I need women to come out and truly experience the mastery of women,” Batson said.

Coming out to support the women will be specially selected HIMs, the most wanted men of the soca arena. They will not have it easy as in recent times the women have been wrecking sweet havoc from in stages the world over, as explosively or even more so than the men. You’ll see who really runs things on the night.

More than exciting performers and great music, the patrons will also enjoy great views of the stage, they have the choice of general admission, VIP with drinks inclusive or Ultra VIP providing everything one desires.

For additional information one can find Soka With Her on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

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