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To Dance, or Not to dance


To Dance, or Not to dance

To Dance, or Not to dance

  • Dancy
  • May 09, 2018 08:00 am - May 31, 2018 01:00 pm
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The big day, the big moment, all eyes on you as the star performer on the floor. What will you do next? Wow them with the best dance ever or be embarrassed by your two left feet. Let’s face it, besides walking down the aisle and saying the I do’s, the bride and groom’s opening dance is one of the most important moments on the wedding day and in order for any lady’s fairy tale dream wedding to be a reality she must feel like a princess in that moment spinning around and being caught in the arms of her prince charming.

Many a bride has fallen at the hands of not being ready for that big moment when she and her groom must open the floor with the main dance. That is where bridal dance lessons can be very helpful indeed. Take heed though as the time for the big day draws near, one must consider working bridal dance lessons into the schedule. Because once the organization and planning start, it all becomes a blur. Some may think it beneath them, but I have seen even the most naturally talented dancers succumb to a moment of weakness when the pressure is too much. And trust me, on that day, the pressure is on. It’s like a giant snowball rolling from a giant mountain with no stopping or turning from the moment those wedding bells ring and the wedding march plays.

So, to avoid an awkward silence and some fake compliments afterward, take the time out and work it into the budget to get some bridal dance lessons. You will not regret it when you wow the crowd with those flashy dance moves and stun them with the beautiful swirls, twirls, twists and turns. It is that moment on that dancefloor that can separate the dream weddings from the mundane boring old-fashioned ones, because nobody forgets a mind blowing beautiful dance between a newly wed couple.

Although, a word of warning, because it is such a big moment, be careful not to overdo it on the choreography. There needs to be a good balance to keep it hip and happening yet easy enough to master and pull off so that if the heat rises and the blanks kick in, which they do, one can recover quite quickly and make it look so natural that no one would even notice what just happened.

So, in a few paragraphs and a couple of words, be encouraged not to brush over this special moment. Not only does it make a huge difference on that day, but it builds a deeper sense of connection and intimacy working together as a team towards the dance of the century. And on that day, you have a super special moment with your loved one, just the two of you, caught up in a magical fairy tale moment as you dance to the rhythm of each other’s hearts. So, come on, don’t be afraid, get some bridal dance lessons and make that big moment worthwhile.

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