Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs

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The Toronto Maple Leafs, which is officially called the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club are a Canadian professional ice hockey tea, which has its base in Toronto, Ontario and the same competes in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Maple Leaf is a member club of the league's Atlantic Division found in the Eastern Conference. The team happens to be the "Original Six" league members who all are owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd. and are represented by a Chairman who happened to be Larry Tanenbaum. In the year 1999, they all moved to the Air Canada Centre that was seen replacing the Maple Leaf Gardens who happen to be the team's home since 1931.

This very franchise was formed in the year 1917 and thus it has been operating since long like a Toronto and today is called as the Toronto Arenas. In the year 1919, the NHL transferred the said franshise to the new owners who reshaped the team with the name Toronto St. Patricks. Again in 1927, the said franchise is sold to new owners who renamed it to Toronto Maple Leal Hockey Club. The team colors are white and navy blue. It has together won 13 different Stanley Cup Championships and the second is the only to have 24 championship of the primary rival along with the Montreal Canadians. They have won their last championship in the year 1967, while the 48 season drought found in between the championships that are seen the longest in the history of NHL.

If you talk about the current value of the franchise in the NHL, the leafs have the worth of around 1.3 billion US dollars followed by the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadians. As per an estimate, these are ranked at the 37th position in the list of Forbes for being the most expensive sports team in the world. In other words, comes any hockey event, you can find the Toronto Maple Leaf doing all the wonders. So, if you are yet to block the dates for their events this year, better do it before you really lose the same.

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